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Bear Paw Meanderings


January 10, 2018

Tis the time for New Year’s Resolutions. Tis also the time for very up close and personal dreams as well. Are they related, that is my question?

For the past few years I have been having very up close and personal dreams. Let me tell you about one I just finished a few minutes ago. I was staying with a friend at the School House Log cabin on Clear Creek where Henderson Creek meets Clear Creek. In the cold reach of reality, that cabin is not even there anymore. Across the road from that cabin was another large structure that is gone now too. It was called the White House, mainly because it was one of the first houses on Clear Creek to be painted and it was painted white. It belonged to John Anderson and was built for his son. My Grandfather used it as a cabin for several years until his death in 1940. Anyway I walked over to the White House and found about 500 Native Americans there having a conference about making peace with the white man of all things. I went from group to group hearing mostly the same thing and I remember I lost my shoes at one point. Not to worry for the floor was full of shoes so I took a pair and eventually made my way back to the school house cabin. There were things for sale because there in the midst of things was my mother buying tops.

Now here is the weird thing about those up close and very personal dreams. I get them when sleeping on my living room couch. The couch runs from north to south. If I am sleeping with my head on the south end, that is where the dreams reside. If I am sleeping with my head on the north side, I live a dream free existence. Go figure that one.

Well, gentle readers; what does all this have to do with resolutions? It is because my resolutions, while not necessarily about my family, are also intensely personal. I dream in resolution form about world peace and how to make my church a better place and what I can do to better serve the community through my writing at this late stage of my life.

My resolutions do not hold as much water as those dreams because the resolutions are things that I wish could happen whereas when I am dreaming them, those dreams are just as real and happening as what I am writing for you to read.

So, it is 2018 and my hope is for the best 2018 for you all and of a very personal nature, I think I will make more resolutions and stop laying with my head on the north end of my couch altogether. It is just to, dare I say freighting, at times?


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