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Triangle Communications completes first of three computer classes in Chinook


December 9, 2015

Steve Edwards

Don and Marilyne Berger were students in Triangles 'basic computer' class held last week in Chinook. Marilyne uses a computer at her job and encouraged Don, with no computer experience, to take the class.

Triangle Communications hosted the first of three adult education classes last week in Chinook. According to the three instructors, all Triangle employees, similar computer classes were already offered around the area. Triangle offers computer classes, especially for youth, at its facility in Havre, teaching skills for completing job and college applications and explaining some of the intricacies of internet safety.

The first course in the three part series for adults is designed to teach basic computer functions and learn some of the basics of using Microsoft 10 software, how to navigate the internet and the basics of using email.

One of the students in the first class said the next day, when asked about the class, "We learned some of the basics and then they let us search around the internet. I'll definitely go to the next class because one of the instructors promised to help me activate the GPS app on my smartphone."

Richell Peck was one of three instructors for the class. She normally works in the credit department for Triangle. She said, "The attendees at Chinook's first class were fairly typical. A couple had no experience with computers and the others had some basic knowledge, but wanted to learn more." Peck added, "The day after the first class I had a call from one of the Chinook students, she's very anxious to learn all she can." Peck said some new computer users, especially seniors, "Don't give themselves enough credit for what they already know."

For folks who missed the first class, it is fine to attend the next two. The second class is about using social media-especially Facebook and other sites for posting and reading news from friends and family. That class met on Dec. 8

The third class will meet after the holidays on Jan. 5, same place and time. For the third class, students are encouraged to bring 'any electronic gadget' they need to know about. Peck explained, "People often get a new device for Christmas and are baffled by how to use it. Or, sometimes they've had a device for some time, but never mastered it. This class gives some hands-on time to learn how their device works." Smartphones qualify, as well as the lesser known types of "electronic pads" and other devices.

Steve Edwards

Richell Peck, an instructor in Triangle Communication's basic computer class, helps students Donna Murdy, Don Sullivan and Art Kleinjan in the basic computer class recently held in Chinook. Two more classes are scheduled for Chinook through the local cooperative.

In follow-up interviews, several attendees at the first session gave some response to the class. One octogenarian noted, "I knew most of what they covered but did learn some new stuff. I'll definitely go back for the rest of the classes. My grandkids all use Facebook so I need to get a better grasp of how that works."

Another senior, who had no computer experience, said, "I couldn't hear what the instructors said but I had a good time looking around on the internet. I thought the computers Triangle had set up for us might be to take home." No giveaway computers, but Triangle did send each student home with a portable recharging system to keep their devices ready when traveling.

Peck noted that Triangle Communications will offer similar courses, or one on a special topic, to interested groups or locations in the cooperative's service area. To learn more about having these type courses for your organization or locale, call 394-7807 and speak to Angela Allstead.


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