Harlan Krass celebrates 90th Birthday


May 1, 2019

Harlan is seen with his 90th cake prior to cutting and serving it with his guests. He enjoyed his birthday party recently held at the Turner Lutheran Church. He finds it true to live by a verse on a mug he received as a birthday gift. It reads, "At 90, I realize I'm no longer built for speed, but rather built for comfort." He added, "It's great to sit back and watch the younger generation take the wheel. Grand kids are everything, and I'm enjoying mine." Happy Birthday and many more to come!

The children of Harlan Krass recently gave their Dad a party to celebrate his 90th birthday. Cake and cookies were served at an open house at the Turner Lutheran Church along with iced tea and coffee. It was a lovely afternoon with all six of the couple's children in attendance and surrounded by many of his friends. There were a few memories shared by guests and family members. Harlan has done a number of jobs over the years including farming, ranching, selling eggs up and down the Hi-line, construction of grain bins, selling pivots, running a feedlot, cement work, and drilling water wells.

He reminisced all these things as well as his days of being a crop duster, a pilot, and most importantly a father to his six children. He turned 90 on January 22, 2019 and enjoys spending time on his farm near Hogeland where he keeps active reading magazines about drilling, newspapers, puzzles in the newspapers, and keeping track of his beloved black cat, Blackie! He and his wife of 61 years, Jane, wish to thank all those who came to make this a memorable day. It is truly wonderful to have such great friends and neighbors.


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