Harlem Elementary Best Bus Behavior


March 18, 2020

Rodeo Drive route Students

On Tuesday, March 10th, Harlem Rodeo Drive Bus Route students were treated to a yummy pizza party. It has taken the riders since the 2019-20 school year began until now to finally fill in all of the pizza puzzle slices, and they are the first bus route to earn this distinction so far this year. In order to earn their Best Bus Behavior reward, the students had to use perfect citizenship and manners while following all bus safety rules. Principal Seymour and Mr. Hopkins gladly served the deserving elementary Bus Buddies their delicious pizza. Congratulations, Rodeo Drive Remarkable Riders!

People's Creek route Students

On Wednesday, March 11th, the second Harlem District #12 Best Bus Behavior award was received by the People's Creek route students. Principal Shiloh Seymour and People's Creek bus route driver, Denny Carey, are very pleased with the manners displayed by the elementary riders on their route, and were very happy to serve the winners at their Best Bus Behavior Buddies pizza party. What a busload of champions!


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