Harlem Elementary Recognizes ROARing Students


December 2, 2020

Harlem Elementary ROARing Students Hybrid Group A - Lailyn Allen (K-2), Dominic Delora (3-4), and Eewuse Hammett (5-6).

Given unusual circumstances, schools have had to devise innovative ways to carry on old traditions. For instance, Harlem Elementary School's ROARing students program has undergone a renovation to include both Hybrid A and B groups, as well as those students who are working remotely. What used to be a once a week drawing has evolved into a three times a week affair in order to accommodate all groups.

At Harlem Elementary, students who follow the school rules and display appropriate behavior may be acknowledged for their efforts by receiving ROAR Tickets from any school staff member. These tickets not only honor positive behavior but reinforce it. Once awarded, students collect their tickets to trade in for various prizes and privileges.

According to Janice Gilham, who works at the school as a Computer Technology Assistant, students still earn their ROAR tickets in the usual way: by being Respectful, Organized, Always safe, and Responsible. But these behavior expectations now carry extra weight.

"Students have had to deal with immense change, and that includes in-school learning, remote learning, and virtual learning. Under these new circumstances, organization and responsibility have taken a giant leap forward, especially when it comes to attending in-school classes and logging in to virtual classes, while completing and returning assignments on time. Respect and safety have also taken on new meaning as students are online, and therefore must always be aware of the proper rules and precautions," Gilham said.

Because youth have a capacity for resilience, the faculty and administration at Harlem Elementary are noticing a successful transition as students adjust to Hybrid/Remote learning. In order to ensure that all students are rewarded for their diligence, the school revised their ROAR program to recognize the diverse student groups.

In this first drawing for Harlem Elementary ROARing students, three different grade level groups-Kindergarten through second grade, third and 4th fourth grades, and fifth and sixth grades-are represented in three separate categories: Hybrid Group A, Hybrid Group B, and Remote students.

Harlem Elementary ROARing Students Hybrid Group B - Aryah Healy (K-2) and Brodie Williams (5-6). Not Pictured: Lucas Blackcrow (3-4).

Once the students earn ROAR tickets for their good deeds, these tickets are placed in designated buckets so that a winner can be randomly drawn. As a reward for practicing and following the ROAR guidelines, the winning students not only get to choose a prize from the 'Office Prize Case' but they get their pictures taken for the Blaine County Journal.

Although no photos are available for the 100% remote learners, the winners' names are listed. This week's ROARing Students in Hybrid A group are Lailyn Allen (K-2), Dominic Delora (3rd & 4th), and Eewuse Hammett (5th & 6th). Hybrid B Students include Aryah Healy (K-2), Lucas Blackcrow (3-4), and Brodie Williams (5-6). In the remote group, Urijah Wolfchild (K-2), Jazzy Snell (3-4), and Autumn Doney (5-6) were recognized.


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