Add a Wish to the Wishing Tree


December 23, 2020

Although much about the holiday season is in full-swing-with houses decorated, gifts wrapped, and cards sent, the Wishing Tree still stands a bit bare. However, the holiday season hasn't ended, so time remains to add more wishes.

The Wishing Tree standing at the entrance of Chinook Pharmacy has collected a few wishes, and most are heartfelt. For example, one shared a hope that "2021 will bring comfort to those who are suffering and alone." Another tag reveals a wish that "our nursing home residents will be able to enjoy their families without worry."

Others are humorous, poking good-natured fun: "I wish my roommate would learn to do dishes" and "I wish Rob Reid would work on his golf game so we can be champions in 2021."

Hoping to see more people filter in and give their wishes to the tree, Nancy Diemert said she planned to leave the tree up for a while after Christmas.

"Remember, you don't have to donate to the Pool and Park Foundation to hang a wish on the tree," Diemert said.

Besides its role as a Wishing Tree, the tree serves as a fundraiser for the Friends of the Pool and Park Foundation. The December 9 issue of the Journal-News-Opinion carried an explanatory story about the tree.

Given the events of the past year, this wish likely captures the sentiments of many: "My wish is for a joyous future with full hearts and crowded tables."


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