Museum Selects Winning Logo and Looks for a Board Member


August 4, 2021

Cody McCracken of Chinook designed the winning logo in the Blaine County Museum's logo contest.

Back in May, the Blaine County Museum's Board of Directors sponsored a logo contest to allow current residents of Blaine County the opportunity to create a logo for the museum. After receiving six original entrants, inviting additional entries, and judging those designs, Cody McCracken was named the contest winner and Shelby Denny received honorable mention.

For his work, McCracken received a $300 check from the Chinook Chamber of Commerce and a $50 gift certificate for the museum bookstore. He generously donated his $100 cash prize back to the museum.

McCracken's gold and black design was favored by the Museum Board of Directors because it represents and promotes the museum's broader mission: "To collect, preserve, and interpret the history of Blaine County, North Central Montana, and the West. While looking to the past, the museum must always remember that its ultimate obligation is to the people of today and those who will follow."

With its various figures and the words preservation, education, and interpretation encircling the design, McCracken's logo speaks to the historical and cultural identity of Blaine County.

Museum Director/Curator, Samantha French believes the simplicity of McCracken's design will work well on a large outdoor sign, a business card, or a promotional brochure. About the winning design, French shared this information: "Congratulations, Cody, and thank you for your wonderful work!"

For her Honorable Mention design in gold, silver, and turquoise, Denny received a $100 cash prize and a $50 museum bookstore gift certificate. Her logo features a wagon wheel and a horned creature. French also thanked Denny for her creativity.

After receiving the six initial entries on May 7 and learning that some entrants wished to submit multiple designs, the Board decided to re-open the contest. Even though the original contest rules stipulated that only one design would be allowed per entrant, the Board wished to view what else the original entrants had to offer. Furthermore, they were impressed with the quality of submissions and agreed to re-open the contest to the original six entrants only until Friday, May 28. Original participants were invited to submit as many designs as they wished.

The designs were shared on the museum's Facebook page so that the public could view and comment on them. This public response was taken into consideration by the Board when making its final decision.

Besides the two winning entries, other entries were submitted by Kathy Baker of Harlem and by Makhayla Farmer, Cody McCracken, Deric Neufeld, and Joshua Seymour-all of Chinook. Anyone who wishes to view the various designs is encouraged to visit the Blaine County Museum's Facebook page.

In other news, the Blaine County Museum is seeking a new voluntary board member. French not only encourages people to apply but to spread the news about the opening. All current Blaine County residents are eligible to serve on the Board. A full description of the position and the duties it entails are available on the museum's Facebook page, but information can also be secured by messaging, calling (357-2590), or emailing ( the museum with questions.

Shelby Denny of Hays captured runner-up honors in the logo contest.

Interested persons should submit a cover letter to the existing Board for its review. That letter of interest should not only explain why the applicant wishes to get involved but also share details about the expertise the applicant would bring to the Board. Letters should be emailed or snail mailed to Blaine County Museum, P.O. Box 927; Chinook, Montana 59523.

Other board member expectations include knowing about the museum's current projects and goals, possessing a willingness to adhere to the museum's mission, and attending monthly meetings. The Blaine County Museum Board typically meets on the third Monday of each month to review spending, donations, and the director's progress. Meetings typically last one hour. Special circumstances, such as job interviews, may require the board to hold an additional meeting. While meeting attendance is the primary obligation for a board member, individual members may choose to get more involved in museum work beyond the monthly meetings.


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