Sweet Home Residents Attend the 23rd Annual Bear Paw Roundup Rodeo


August 18, 2021

Residents from the Sweet Memorial Nursing Home were in attendance at the 23rd Annual Bear Paw Roundup Rodeo this past Thursday and Friday night. Pictured above are the residents at Thursday nights show watching intently as Magic in Motion trick rider Shelby Pearson passes by with 'Old Glory' flying high.

It has been a difficult 16 months for everyone due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, but for the residents at the Sweet Memorial Nursing Home it has been an incredibly long journey.

Residents have predominately been limited to the home itself, with visitors not allowed for a long stretch. In the past six months restrictions have been greatly reduced and family visits have increased dramatically.

Things have returned to a pretty normal situation at the Sweet Home, but residents actively getting out into the community for social events still hadn't happened.

That all changed this past weekend when a collaborative effort between the Sweet Memorial Nursing Home, The Blaine County Fairboard and the Bear Paw Roundup Rodeo Committee came together to formulate a plan for some of the residents to attend.

Bear Paw Roundup Rodeo Committee President Dennis Kleinjan was all in when presented with the idea, "It was a no brainer. We were all on board right away and willing to do whatever it would take to make this happen."

Kleinjan and the committee talked things over and ensured their plan could work, "We contacted the Fairboard and they were on board with the idea and more than willing to make it happen."

Once the Roundup committee got approval from the fairboard they met with Sweet Home staff and discussed their plans for the residents to attend with a little VIP treatment.

Thursday evening seven residents arrived at the Blaine County Fairgrounds about a half hour before the rodeo was set to get underway. They made their entrance through the east gate where they were conveniently dropped off in front off the grandstands with the best seats in the house in a section reserved just for them.

Friday night another six residents attended the rodeo, receiving the same VIP treatment. It was a truly great experience for them, not only were they able to watch the rodeo in person, but they were able to say hi and visit people as they entered the arena.

The residents were enamored by the entire experience returning home afterword with huge smiles across each of their faces. It was a rewarding experience for everyone involved in the process.


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