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Sister & Brother, Warrior add To Our Successful Youth Hunts


December 1, 2021

Three more area youth successfully filled their hunting tags before the season ended. Chinooks Hayden Berreth took this nice Mule Buck on November 4 while hunting with his Dad on the family farm.

This week we feature a brother and sister along with a Warrior in our successful youth hunt collection. 10 year old Kyra Berreth, her 11 year old brother Hayden and 11 year old Wacee Simenson all successfully filled their deer tags.

On November 4 while hunting with his Dad Brian on the family farm north of Havre Hayden filled his tag with a nice shot on a beautiful Mule Buck. Hayden and his Dad were hunting in the evening when he drew his .243 and sighted in on the big buck from approximately 200 yards, firing the successful shot.

Three more area youth successfully filled their hunting tags before the season ended. Wacee Simenson is certainly a Warrior and a familiar face to many. This past Sunday on his birthday and the final day of hunting season, Wacee harvested this beautiful Buck while hunting with his Dad, Justin north of Chinook.

A few weeks later, Thanksgiving day, sister Kyra was hunting the family farm with her Dad, brother Drake and sister Mya when she successfully filled her 'A' Tag.

Kyra, also hunted with a .243 and when her and her Dad spotted a nice Mule 150 yards out, she fired a round that found it's mark.

Wacee Simenson celebrated his eleventh birthday this past Sunday, which also happened to be the final day of the 2021 General Big Game season.

Wacee, hunting with his Dad Justin, north of Chinook spotted a nice Mule Buck just 50 yards away. Wacee set his sights and fire the kill shot, harvesting his first deer at 8:30 in the morning.

Wacee's reaction to filling his tag with a nice buck, he jumped really high and shouted "Yes!!"

If you have a youth hunter and would like to share his/her story, please send your information to or Please include a full size jpeg or pdf photo, along with the basic details of the hunt; who, what, when and where.


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