Hello God, it's me, Mara


February 16, 2022

What do ‘we’ see when we look up? In January, SNOW? Moisture is needed, that’s for sure, ‘Twould help Spring grass to grow. As Winter ends, there’s sleet and haze, sometimes that too shows up. But it’s still cold most everywhere – we need warm cover-ups!

Days lengthen and we view the stars; like awesome Milky Way! And ‘sailing’ in the night time clouds, there’s Venus, miles away. Soon geese will pass, some fly up high; somewhere up North they go. It’s cool to watch them change ‘pilots’; their flying isn’t slow.

We never saw the UFO; t’was unidentified. From where we were - it went too fast! Could ‘news report’ have lied? They said it flew away up North, behind some clouds it hid.

The neighbors said they saw that thing – we’re pretty sure they did!

It’s fun to stand outside and view through tree branches, blue sky. Or watch some doves, checking things out, they flew up, OH, so high! A “V” of geese flew rather low, headed to neighbors’ lake. They fly by us, most every year; this is the ‘way’ they take.

So – night or day, when we look up, whatever time of year, we know that You created all – to us that’s very clear. From geese to clouds, snow and the stars, You’ve made just everything. And rockets, too, fly in the blue – their pilots probably sing.

We’ve also seen Your Rainbow, Lord, a “bow’ that’s way up high. We know that promise that you made, when You put it in the sky. You set the bow within a cloud; covenant ‘tween You and Earth[1]. That ‘bow’ reminds us that You care, that You know what we’re worth. You’ve made it all and made us too; we pause to look above; If we but ‘look’ we’ll see so much, reminds us of Your LOVE.

Love, Mara


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