Dry land Farming 101: Irrigation Districts


May 25, 2022

This diversion damn located just north of Lohman sends water into the irrigation canal that supplies water to the Fort Belknap, Alfalfa and Zurich Irrigation Districts. Fort Belknap Commission Chair and Ditchrider, Dennis Kleinjan, controls the flow of water diverted by the damn just west of his place to the three districts.

Blaine County is home to five established Irrigation Districts that serve our local farmers. The districts are a small part of a much larger project. To begin with water is managed through Fresno Reservoir by the St. Mary's Milk River Irrigation Project. The benefactors from the Milk River Irrigation project includes far more than just the farmers that pump water onto their fields for their crops. The City of Chinook as well as the City of Harlem is also directly served by the project.

The five districts that serve Blaine County include the Fort Belknap Irrigation District which runs from L...

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