Mobile App Builds Anticipation for Death by Chocolate


September 21, 2022

Montana Actors' Theatre (MAT) will hold its annual fundraiser, Death by Chocolate, on September 24 at 5:30 p.m. in St. Jude's Gym. In its 13th year, this Sponsorship Drive and Gala of Friends will feature a Battle of the Bands. Event organizers encourage people to get out their neon colors, polo shirts, leg warmers, and hair spray for a Battle of the Bands 80s Style!

The bands that will currently be involved in the Gala are Pat Benatar, Guns 'N Roses, Poison, Metallica, Motley Crue, and Bon Jovi. As explained by Andi Daniel, Marketing and Development Director for MAT, songs from these musical groups are tied to a series of scenes written by Jay Pyette, MAT's Executive Director. During the evening's events, these scenes will play out with multiple characters relating to a specific band.

For example, at the end of each scene, the audience will select from two choices the character's actions in the next scene, thereby "directing" the path the show will take. The next time that character enters, he/she will have to follow what the audience has chosen for them. This "play" will run throughout the night.

To further build anticipation for Death by Chocolate (DBC), people are being invited to play MAT's DBC mobile game. The game is available for download as a TurfHunt app for iPhone or Android. To win great prizes and to learn about this season's shows, players should redeem invitation code DBC2022, visit the places indicated on the map, and answer the challenges.

Anyone who wishes to play but lives out of town or is unable to easily visit the places on the map should email MAT personnel at for a different invitation code.

Participating in this treasure hunt-style game, which ends at noon on September 24, will enable players to win prizes and to earn points for drinks and chances to win tickets to MAT shows. A player can win up to the 125 possible points in the game. Although most challenges are worth a few points, the bonus challenge is worth 25 points. Game organizers suggest that the bonus challenge may take 10-15 minutes to answer.

Winners will be announced at the DBC event on Saturday, although winners need not be present to win their prizes.

Tickets for the Gala are available at various ticket vendors in Havre: the Havre Chamber of Commerce, The Computer Center, Bear Paw Meats, and Company Apparel. They can also be purchased online at or obtained by calling Jay Pyette at 406-945-0272.


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