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Turner High School hold National Honor Society Induction Ceremony


October 31, 2018

Pictured is the 2019-2020 National Honor Society, Turner Chapter: Advisor-Mrs. Shelly Harmon, Rylee Conlan, Sarah Billmayer, Brooke Reed, Shyan Krass, Brandy Calvert, Tracer Heilig, and Melanie Watkins. Absent and unable to be in photo were Jack Harmon and Raegan Conlan.

The Turner Honor Society held an induction for incoming Honor Society Inductees this past week. Three new members, Brooke Reed, Shyan Krass, and Brandy Calvert, were inducted and joined into the chapter by the six other members and their advisor, Mrs. Shelly Harmon. These students should be commended for their achievements.

The Emblem of the Honor Society is the keystone and the flaming torch. The keystone bears the letters C.S.L.S. in the corner and these stand for the four principles of the organization. These values must be fitted faithfully into the purpose of life as a keystone is fitted into shape to support the arch. The flaming torch is the emblem of their purpose, to carry onward the searching flame of truth, to lead that others may follow the bright light, to cherish the enduring verities of life and to serve all the purposes symbolized by the torch.

Each of those four letters that are in the corner are described below as to their meanings:

SCHOLARSHIP means a commitment to learning. A student is willing to spend hours in reading and study, knowing the lasting benefits of a cultivated mind. One should continue to learn even when formal education is ended, for education ends only with the end of life. Knowledge is one great element in life which leads to the highest success, and it can acquired in only one way-through diligence and effort. Learning furnishes the lamp by which the lamp by which illuminates the future. Candidates have the charge to continually expand their world through the opportunities inherent in scholarship.

SERVICE can be described in various ways. In the routine of the day's work, many opportunities arise to help others. Willingness to work for the benefits of those in need, without monetary compensation or without recognition, is the quality that is seeked in each membership. They are committed to the idea of volunteering their time and abilities to creation of a better tomorrow.

LEADERSHIP should exert a positive influence on the school. In taking the initiative in class and school activities, the real leader strives to train and aid others to attain the same objective. The price of leadership is sacrifice-the willingness to yield one's personal interests for the interest of others. A leader has self-confidence and will go forward when others hesitate. No matter what power and resources may exist in a country, they are ineffectual without the guidance of a wise leader. Leadership is always needed; thus, to lead is a very important charge to each of the members.

CHARACTER is the force within each individual which distinguished that person from others. It gives each one individuality. It is that without which no one can respect oneself, or hope to attain the respect of others. It is this force of character which guides one through life and, once developed, grows steadily. Character is achieved and not received. It is the product of constant action, daily striving to make the right choice. The problem of character is the problem of self-control. We must be in reality what we wish to appear to others. By demonstrating such qualities as respect, responsibility, trustworthiness, fairness, caring, and citizenship, we may hope to prove by example that we value character.

The returning Honor Society members reviewed all these characters. Those returning members are Raegan and Rylee Conlan, Jack Harmon, Sarah Billmayer, Tracer Heilig, and Melanie Watkins.

After the ceremony, refreshments were served (donated by Janie Mohar). Congratulations to all the members.


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