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Hartland Colony School Holds 8th Annual Christmas Program 'The Sole of Christmas'


December 26, 2018

Cast of The Sole of Christmas: Mr. Nick Turner (the shoemaker), David Waldner (Grandma), Dan Kleinsasser (shoemaker's wife), and Walter Waldner

The Hartland Colony School, which is part of the Chinook School District, held its 8th Annual Christmas program on December 19 with a dramatic performance by Mr. Nick Turner and his current students. The group performed the play, The Sole of Christmas written by Mary Barile.

Before the play began, teacher at the school, Mr. Turner thanked Mr. Ron Lorang of Finest Boot Repair in Havre for his contributions to the set so that the crew could create a realistic shoe shop, Schuster Heisel.

The play's story centers around a shoemaker (played by Turner) and his wife (played by Dan Kleinsasser) who are struggling to make ends meet. "We are rich in other ways," the shoemaker's wife tells her husband.

With the holidays approaching and money tight, the elves (played by David Waldner and Walter Waldner) decide to work their magic so that the shoemaker and his wife might find prosperity. The elves' first pair of shoes are crafted with a skill that surpasses that of the shoemaker, whose wife consoles him by saying, "A good person is better than an artist." Eventually, the king finds out about the colorful, well-sewn shoes available at the shoemaker's shop and pays the shoemaker thirty pieces of silver for shoes for his wife. Grateful for their prosperity, the couple celebrates.

Due to this year's small class size, some students portrayed two roles in the Christmas program. Walter Waldner also starred as the King, and David Waldner also acted the part of Grandma, one of the shoemaker's customers who purchased several pairs of shoes for her grandchildren.

After the program, Lori Wipf explains some of the props to Jacob Waldner and John Wipf as they explore the set. The three sang for the audience gathered after the play.

After the production, cookies and punch were served while Jake Kleinsasser, the Colony's German teacher, led the Hutterite women gathered in a German hymn entitled "Where God Leads, I Will Follow." They followed that by singing "The Lord Is My Shepherd" and concluded with a call-and-response style song, "On My Father's Side." Audience members enthusiastically applauded all the performers.

While the audience mingled with the cast and socialized with guests, Chinook School's K-12 Librarian, Kelsey Harry proposed a pizza party for Mr. Turner's students if they collectively achieve 1000 Accelerated Reader Points. Although Harry had brought several books with her for the class, she also showed the students how to access the school's online catalog so that they could select books that match their reading interests.

School Board Member Ernie Johnson also caused laughter with a story about his experiences while enrolled in a German course in college.

Other guests in attendance were Blaine County Superintendent of Schools, Valerie White and Meadowlark School Principal, Jon Martin.


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