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Wagons, Riders Needed: For Milk River Wagon Train Company's 50th Anniversary


January 9, 2019

The Milk River Wagon Train Company is gearing up for their 50th Annual Milk River Wagon Train trail ride, which will take place from August 28—September 2. Although the approximately 48-mile trek from Zortman to Malta won’t occur until late summer, event organizers are putting a call out to Blaine County cowboys, cowgirls, and trail riding campers, with hopes to see 50 wagons for their 50th Anniversary.

According to their Facebook Profile, the mission of the company—which launched in 1969—is “to spend time with friends, family and our horses—setting out on the trail in the mornings and settlin’ down in bed on the prairie at night.”

Event organizers encourage people to ride the five days in memory of family members who have passed or are unable to attend. “Last year we gathered at Zortman in the Little Rockies at 1:00 and rode to Malta, camping along the way,” Tasha Hines, a spokesperson for the Milk River Wagaon Train Company, explained. “I suspect the route will be the same this year, maybe with some tweaks,” she added.

“If you are new to our Wagon Train family, we welcome you; the more the merrier! Spread the word, and let’s have one heck of a ride!” Hines said.

The Trail Boss for this year’s event will be Les Gray and the Wagon Boss will be John Hasler.

Anyone interested in additional information is encouraged to call Gray at 406-945-7098 or Hasler at 406-390-0930.


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