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Chinook FFA Students proudly represent Blaine County


January 30, 2019

Morgan Friede, Torin Cecrle, Wylee Simenson and Bree Swanson.

Rikki Swant, Montana Farm Bureau Federation

Central Montana Regional Manager

Young Ag Leadership Conference Coordinator

I wanted to reach out with a positive note of citizenship displayed by some of your young students attending KMON/ the MAGIE in Great Falls over the weekend. I noticed a group of four young students in FFA jackets wandering the MAGIE tradeshow just as it opened on Saturday morning. They looked to be maybe 8th grade to sophomore age, three young ladies and one young gentleman.

The tradeshow starts by playing the Canadian National Anthem and the American National Anthem, so it takes a bit of time. Your students walked past my booth and without missing a beat, stopped abruptly when the music started and looked around to find the flag to properly salute it. They stood and honored the flag patiently with poise and courtesy. It's an act of patriotism that shouldn't seem remarkable, but their actions made me take notice and realize that they are under the guidance of great teachers and probably come from a great community.

When they turned and walked away, I learned they were from Chinook from the back of their jackets and wanted to write their school a note. My background is in Ag Education and while I didn't go into the field of teaching, my experience working for Farmers and Ranchers across Montana gives me ample opportunities to support and engage with FFA students throughout the year. I'm sometimes shocked by the behavior I see and hear from students in passing. Your school and community should be proud of the students traveling and representing Chinook. I hope I get to encounter your students again someday.


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