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Harlem Senior Center


February 13, 2019

Happy Valentine’s Day, Everyone! Forget the chocolate and the flowers and other special gifts... just give and share your love with a hug, a kiss or offer your hand to help someone out this year! These kinds of gifts never disappear or fade away.


While on vacation, an elderly couple had driven quite some distance from the diner they had stopped in for lunch before the wife realized she’d left her prescription reading glasses at the table.

Her husband moaned and groaned all the way back to the restaurant. The poor woman really felt bad for annoying her husband so much, but as she was getting out of the car at the diner. He said to her “well as long as you’re going back in there, you might as well get my wallet, too. I must have left it by the cash register.”

Wise Words:

“Whoever loved, that loved not at First Site?”

- Christopher Marlowe

Reminder: The Senior Center will gladly accept all your Albertsons’ Monopoly tickets if you are not going to play the game yourself.

Do you or someone you know like to help the elderly? We are always in need of Volunteers!

Thursday, February 14th:

Melvin Rutherford - Music at 1:00 p.m. in Activity Room

Friday, February 15th: Devotions @ 10:30 a.m.

Sunday, February 17th: Milk River 4-H club…bingo 1:00 p.m. in the Dining area.

Our Meals This Week

Wed., Feb. 13 - Salmon

Thur., Feb. 14 - Beef Ribs

Fri., Feb. 15 - BBQ Chicken

Mon., Feb. 18 - Chicken Strips

Tues., Feb. 19 - Ham & Bean Soup

Wed., Feb. 20 - Meatballs w/ Gravy

Upcoming Birthdays

February 19 - Gary Russell

February 21 - Irene Stout

February 21 - Beatrice Pronto

February 21 - Dave Williams

February 24 - Terry Vogel

Happy Birthday!!


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