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May 8, 2019

Q: I fear for the attack on our homes, our families and our children—the future of our country. What can we do to combat the assaults?

A: The family, for most, used to be a close-knit group, and the home was self-contained. It was shelter; it was security; it was a kind of school where life’s basic lessons were taught. It was a kind of church where God was honored. It was a factory where the basic necessities of life were made. It was a place where wholesome recreation and simple pleasures were enjoyed. A national leader once said, “The home is the citadel of American life. If the home is lost, all is lost.”

Thoughtful people the world over agree that if society’s health in the world is to be maintained, the home must be preserved. If the foundations of our homes are to be repaired, there are certain God-ordained principles that must be restored. The Bible teaches that God performed the first marriage in the Garden of Eden. Before the church, before the government, before the school, the home was founded. It is the basic unit of society.

The first essential for a happy Christian home is that love must be practiced. Love is the cohesive force that holds the family together.

The second essential is that there be order and discipline. The home can be a sanctuary of peace or it can be a bedlam of confusion. Slipshod homes are bound to produce slipshod character, for the basic lessons of life are learned at home. The word discipline means “to teach.” The job of teaching has been too long left to the school teacher and the scout master.

The third essential is that parents are to be an example to their children. If children love their parents, they are likely to copy their parents, and they watch everything we do. Make Christ the very center of home.


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