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Everyone is Invited to Dance the Night Away with JUMP


June 5, 2019

JUMP invites the community to join them on Indiana Street—from Finley’s Food Farm to the Presbyterian Church—this Saturday, June 8, for a Community Street Dance. From 7:00-11:00 p.m., their 80’s themed street dance is free for the whole family and will feature a live DJ, a costume contest, snacks, and games.

According to one of the group’s leaders, Chrissy Downs, the street dance is something the group is hoping to make an annual community event, as a way of expressing gratitude for all of the support they receive. “We hope families and individuals will attend the dance as something different to do on a Saturday evening since so often we hear there is nothing fun in town for people to do that is family friendly. We ‘dream’ of being able to help change that attitude with activities like this one,” Downs said.

When considering a focus for the event, the 80’s theme was the group’s unanimous choice. “With the stress of the world these days, sometimes we need to just be carefree and be ourselves without worries. The 80’s era just seems to fit this with the bright clothes, big hair and fun music. Also, the theme seemed like one that our community members could easily have fun with, so hopefully we will have good participation in the costume contests,” Downs stated.

A poster announcing the event on Facebook read: “Dust off your cassettes and tease up your hair. We’re having a totally 80s party; be there or be square.”

The post went on to share, “Here’s the 411: We are Totally Amped to announce our first annual FREE family street dance! So grab your family and your BFF; we’ve got the Jams, and it’s time to bust a move!”

Anyone seeking additional information about the “Back to the 80s” street dance should call 262-4013 or 262-4734.

In other activities this summer, the group will host a visiting mission team from June 11-14 in Chinook. The visiting team is a small group from St. Luke’s Lutheran Church in Minnesota. Their leader has a son that works in the area, and his high praise of Montana—and the promise of a trail ride sponsored by Four Buttes Ranch followed by a barbecue—is what influenced them to choose Chinook, according to Downs. The work projects have not yet been finalized, but they will

likely include some volunteerism at the nursing home with Loaves and Fishes and a couple of painting projects. In the words of the team leader, “We want the youth to have a service experience and to experience the beauty and peace of Montana.”

JUMP, which stands for Jesus Uses Motivated People, is a faith based non-denominational youth group open to ALL youth in grades 7-12. The group meets every Wednesday during the school year from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Their Facebook page claims that activities include worship, music, games, snacks, discussion, hangout time, and FUN! They also have occasional game nights on weekends, and a monthly community service project, along with a monthly Wednesday devoted to one big faith and fun-filled game. JUMP’s motto is When Faith Meets Doubt...Just JUMP.

In addition to Downs, the active leaders for JUMP include Janelle and Moses Deanon, Dalton and Jordan Heilig, Carla Anderson, Bryan Danley, and Kasie McIntosh.



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