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South of the Border:"Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park: Still a powerful place to visit"


June 26, 2019

The Hoodoo Interpretive Trail is a 1.3 mile walk along and through the cliffs where much of the rock art is found in the main park. Hoodoos are geologic spires created when softer material is worn away by wind and erosion leaving the harder rock. Some of the larger pockets in the cliff faces were used as burial sites for First Nations leaders.

By Steve Edwards

BCJ News

Columnist's comment: Before we moved to the Sweet Grass Hills several people told me, "Be sure and visit that park in southern Alberta. I think it's near Whitlash" There'd be some finger-snapping as they tried to recall the park's name, then, "It's something about 'words on rocks' and it's really fascinating." Turns out they were talking about Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park, less than an hour's drive from Whitlash.

With summer now on us, my wife and I decided to spend a day at the park. Here's some of what we learned during our day at a locale sacred to the Firs...

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