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Architect Leads Walk-Through at Sweet Home


August 14, 2019

An architect with Spectrum Group Architects, Gary Levine recently visited Sweet Memorial Nursing Home to conduct a walk-through with potential contractors and to answer any questions they might have about the nursing home's remodel project.

On Wednesday, August 7, Gary R. Levine, an architect with Spectrum Group Architects, visited the Sweet Memorial Nursing Home to conduct a walk-through with potential contractors for the nursing home's remodel project.

According to Sweet Home Administrator, Jenni Pula, the construction project will include a new activity room on the south end of the building, which will ultimately allow them to expand the physical therapy room to about double its current size.

"Expanding the physical therapy space will not only benefit our residents but our out-patients that come in for physical therapy (PT). Currently, we have the residents in a different room for their nursing rehab as the PT room is so crowded."

At this point, Pula explained, that Sweet Home officials are unsure who the general contractor will be for this construction project or when the construction will begin. "Wednesday's walk-through enabled potential general and sub-contractors to come and see the building and to ask questions. Gary Levine, our architect, was onsite to answer questions and to guide the walk-through. Although I don't know at this time when the project will start or be complete, construction could start as early as this fall," Pula said.

Sweet Home has an in-house Physical Therapy Clinic that offers both outpatient and inpatient care. The facility provides work, stroke, and total joint rehabilitation as well as treatment for orthopedic sports injuries.

Also committed to the care of each of their residents, the medical staff at Sweet Home address any of the following areas of development through evaluation and treatment:

• Upper and Lower Body Development (i.e. range of motion, strength, muscle tone)

• Gross Motor Skill Development

• Balance and Coordination

• Breathing Patterns

• Posture

• Physical Fitness

• Adaptive Equipment Needs - to assist with performance of functional skills

• Therapeutic Handling Techniques - to assist with learning proper movement patterns

• Evaluation for Orthotics and Assistive Devices (i.e. walkers and wheelchairs)

The expanded physical therapy space will enable the Sweet Home to provide these services without the discomfort of over-crowding.


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