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Hogeland Happening


January 1, 2020

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas, even if the power was off. Our best wishes for everyone is to have a Healthy Happy New Year.

Levi and Carrie Hawley visited at the Wally Beck home Sunday morning.

Teresa Cornell spent last weekend in Great Falls with her Mother, Evelyn Hedstrom. Evelyn celebrated her birthday while Teresa was up there. Happy Birthday Evelyn! Teresa was a house guest of Kris and LeAnn Hedstrom while in Great Falls.

Brenda and Terry Mohar were guests of Dusty and Misty Mohar in Harlem for Christmas dinner. In the afternoon they went to see their son Tom and granddaughter Aislin.

Kathy Zellmer wanted to say “HI” to Jewel.

Gene and Susan Billmayer and Emily went to the Bob Burns home for Christmas Eve after attending “candlelight” services at the Hogeland Lutheran Church.

Monday evening, Wally and Loretta Beck were over to the Mike Grabofsky home to help Holly celebrate her 11th birthday. Other guests were Rick Grabofsky, Matt, Sadie, Abby, Lucas and Zane Grabofsky and Shawn, Bobbi, Tate, Ty, and Harley Beck.

Elissa, and Jordan Zellmer hosted Christmas dinner. Those present were John and Donna Schneider and family, Ed and Kathy Zellmer, Joely and Chuck Hiniker and family, Jen and Nito Cuarasma and family, and Lee and Connie Jones.

Eric Billmayer and Karyn Reiger spent the week at Helen and Jim Billmayers in Sun City, Arizona.

Teresa and Dave Cornell spent Christmas Eve with Chet and RuthAnn Fouts in Turner.

Wally and Loretta Beck attended Christmas Eve services at the Lutheran Church in Hogeland, and then spent a very nice Christmas Eve at the Shawn Beck home. Other guests included were Mike, Crystal, Cassidy, Holly, Cooper and Lucy Grabofsky and Kevin Beck.

Kathy and Ed Zellmer were blessed to have the entire family of kids and grandkids at the family home for Christmas week, Also there were Chuck and Mary Jane Waldahl, and Modesty, Crystal Zellmers parents, and John and Donna Schneider and family. It was an enjoyable time.

On Christmas Day at Gene and Susan Billmayers, guests included were Denny and Colleen Overcast, Melanie and Ian Costello of Beaverton. Oregon, and Jennifer Strzelczyk.

Dave and Teresa Cornell were guests at Kim and Dale Cornells in Harlem on Christmas Day.

Randy and Diana Maloney brought “Hot Supper” go plates for Harlan and Jane. They were without power and that hot food sure tasted good. Many of the Big Flat people were without power. It was a very quiet day.

Christmas Day, Wally and Loretta enjoyed a wonderful day at the Mike Grabofsky home along with Danny, Maggie, and Katie Kimmel, and Matt, Sadie, Abby, Lucas and Zane Grabofsky.

Loretta Beck visited at the Ed Zellmer Home on Thursday afternoon.

Harlan and Jane Krass, Bev Inman and Brian Anderson were Christmas Eve guests at Jill and Lorin Krass’ home.

Visitors Sunday at the home of Harlan and Jane Krass were Linda and Darel Hauge, Hilary and Natalie Richman, Diana Maloney and Anita, Brooke, and Bridget Reed.

Happy New Year Everyone!!

Thanks to the crew of Big Flat Electric for getting the electricity on as quick as they did. We sure appreciate it.


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