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Night Time Prayers - Hello God, it's me, Mara


January 15, 2020

You know, Lord, sometimes it’s pleasant to think back when we were just little kids and remember, now and then, how we’d pretend to be asleep, and watch for or wait for Mama to tiptoe in to check on us or just watch us as we slept. Every so often, one of us might have been ill and if that happened that we were sick, Mama would come in to check on us, or just sit and pray for us, telling us that she was joining the Lord as He watched over us as we slept.

As we grew older, sometimes night time prayers were just to bathe ourselves in the grace and wonder of You, Lord, and to thank You for giving us so many blessings. Sharing this thought with friends, they also mentioned that even as they, too, have aged, they like to bathe themselves in Your Grace and the wonder of Your love for us.

Even now that we are much older, it is still with love that we think of Mama looking in on us and praying. We marvel at the wonder of these precious gifts from You, Father. To know that our Abba Father looks at us in the same way, but with even greater delight and joy, that fills each of us with unspeakable wonder.

We remember how Mama had us pray with her: “Now I lay me down to sleep, and pray that you, O LORD, will keep me safely in your loving care, by always knowing you are there. Thank you for your grace and love, and for Jesus now above, to share with you my every care, who lets me know you’re always there. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.”

Thank You, Lord for Psalm 121:3; “He will not let your foot slip -----He who watches over you will not slumber…..”.

Love, Mara


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