Hogeland Happenings


March 25, 2020

This has been a strange week with most everything closed up and no school being in session. Assignments were sent home with books and the kids are to do their work and either send it back or bring it if the Coronavirus ban is still on Most everyone has stayed home or been close to home if they could. Not too much news to report but will send what I have.

Dalton Cornell and Addison were out from Billings to help at his parents, Dave and Teresa Cornell. Addison got to visit Grandma. They were out from Friday through Wednesday. On Tuesday, August and Evelyn came out to see Grandma too and played with Addison.

Emily Billmayer has spent the week at home because of the virus and lockdown of facilities in Havre.

Brady Zellmer celebrated his birthday this week at home with family.

Duane Klindworth visited Wally and Loretta on Friday morning.

Chad Beck was out and helped Mom, Sandy Beck with things.

Linda Hauge and Hilary Richman were out Sunday to visit Mom and Dad.

Sharon Goodrich visited Sandy Beck on Sunday.

Diana Maloney and Anita Reed and Brooke were over to help Mom and Dad several times this past week

Everyone stay well and take care of yourselves.


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