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ZAP Reschedules All-Class Reunion for June 2021


April 22, 2020

Enumerating several reasons and believing that the best way to get the largest attendance, the Zurich Association of Parents (ZAP), who are planning the Zurich Elementary School All-Class Reunion, has announced that the event will be postponed. The tentative reschedule date is June 19, 2021.

“For those wondering what we’re going to do, I guess we have a plan,” Committee Chair Betty Billmayer stated. “Not that plans necessarily go the way we expect!”

In a Zoom video conference meeting held on Monday, April 13, members considered feedback from multiple parties to reach their decision to reschedule. Among those perspectives, ideas ranged from staying the course to cancelling. For instance, one committee member thought, even if the shelter-in-place mandates are lifted next month, it would seem unlikely that people would elect to travel any long distances in the immediate future. Furthermore, many will likely be hesitant about attending a large gathering of people.

Other thoughts that tipped the scales in favor of postponement were considerations about people’s desire to get caught up with those aspects of their lives missed because of the COVID-19 threat—aspects like graduation ceremonies and returning to employment routines.

Amid all of the uncertainly, ZAP also expressed concern for impacts the COVID crisis may have taken on family finances. Although many companies, including banks, have been understanding during the COVID situation, not all have had that flexibility.

In an email, Brenda Allderdice Jonas, who attended Zurich Elementary from 1971-76 and whose mother and uncle also attended school in Zurich, told ZAP last month: “I think the reunion is a wonderful idea and would love to attend. I have not registered due to the unknowns with COVID-19, and I think many people are in the same position. With travel restrictions, job layoffs or reductions, children being schooled online, and college kids sent home; it has been a hell of a month, to put it mildly. Please know how much I appreciate all the work that has gone into planning this event. Would it be possible to postpone the reunion until next summer? I would definitely attend.”

Jonas, whose grandfather Chester Schwenke hauled the rock that was used to construct the Zurich Park hall and pavilion, credited her academic success to what she described as “the excellent teachers I was fortunate to have in Zurich.”

After receiving correspondence like that from Jonas, as well as other similarly themed notes, Billmayer said, “We decided that holding off until 2021 is probably the best way to go. It will give us more time to collect names, addresses, photos, and other fun artifacts.”

In the coming weeks, ZAP will be sending refund checks to the fifty-eight people who had already registered for the reunion. They will also contact those who made donations about whether they wish to remain donors or to receive a refund. The committee will be drafting a letter to go out in another mass mailing to announce their plans for a Zurich Elementary School All-Class Reunion on June 19, 2021.

Anyone who did not receive the first letter ZAP sent out or who knows of someone who would like to be on the mailing list is encouraged to contact Billmayer by calling 357-4100.


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