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Letters to the Editor: Sweet Home Updates


July 8, 2020

Sweet Home Updates

Dear Editor,

Sweet Home has news! What was an idea a few years ago is realty. The remodeling project which began the end of October last year is complete. Space for the Physical Therapy Department was expanded giving them much needed extra room and an Addition was built on to the south for Activities, Beauty Shop, small library and storage.

We residents were given a tour of the addition on Monday and it’s spacious with a lot of natural light. There is ample room for a resident’s family events like holiday gathering, birthday parties and the normal activities directed by that department. There is one blemish on an otherwise happy time for all us residents. The view to the south and the west has been obstructed by a storage container and a trailer. Please move those trailers and allow us more view of the sky and birds. We have been in lockdown for four months and can’t see our families. Please afford us the luxury of seeing the outdoors.

If you have nothing to hide, you don’t have to hide it!


Dorothy M Johnson

Resident SMNH


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