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After 33 years of service to the community Laurie Rigg Retires


July 15, 2020

A familiar face at the Blaine County Clerk and Recorder’s Office retired on March 31. Laurie Rigg retired as Clerk on March 31, 2020. Laurie started her position as clerk in the Blaine County Recorder’s Office back in January of 1987. “Lucille Oehmke was the Clerk and Recorder at the time, and she hired me to fill the position,” said Laurie. “That same year I started recording Blaine Counties Tract Indexes. I had found previous versions, but none were never maintained. I even found one back as far as the 1930’s. I have maintained them ever since and am confident they will be maintained following my departure.”

Laurie commented, “The opportunity arose for the position to be filled and it was something I wanted to do after previously working in the Blaine County Abstract Office, a privately-owned company,” said Laurie. “I never had a normal day. I learned something new every day. There always seemed to be a new problem every day, but we found a way to solve them all.”

Laurie enjoyed going to work each day, “I always enjoyed my work and as they say if you enjoy doing what you do then you will never work a day in your life, and land work was that for me.” In her time at the Blaine County Courthouse she got to meet new faces and reconnect with old friends, “I enjoyed all the people I met along the way. They would come in needing help and I did my best to help them solve their problems. I met new people, many from all over the world. People would stop in to look up information about their relatives and it was always fun to go through the books with them and find what we could find.”

In addition to Lucille, Laurie also worked with Blaine County Clerk and Recorder Sandy Boardman as well as current Clerk and Recorder Tammy Williams. The three provided an enjoyable work atmosphere throughout the years and all of her coworkers she got to spend each day with made it worth all the more. “As much as I enjoyed my job and the 33 years at the Blaine County Courthouse, I really enjoy my retirement,” added Laurie.

Laurie’s husband, Neil retired on May 15, 2020 as a parts man for the John Deere dealership in Havre. Neil began his position there in 1994. “Neil would bring parts to her at the office and the farmers and ranchers would pick them up from me. It was really nice for both of us to be able to serve the community through the years,” added Laurie.

“Neil and I go back and forth between Lake Blaine and Chinook. Lake Blaine is just east of Kalispell and Neil’s family has a home there. We have really enjoyed spending time in both locations. He’s been doing a lot of ‘honey do’s’ and I’ve been doing a lot of silk flower arrangements. It’s something I really enjoy doing as a hobby and in the future may look into selling a few,” added Laurie.

Laurie and Neil also enjoy spending time with their daughter Stella who lives in Harlem and works at the sweet medical center in Chinook. Stella is a 2015 graduate of Chinook High School


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