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Sweet Home Welcomes New Employee


July 22, 2020

The Sweet Memorial Nursing Home (SMNH) welcomed one of their newest employees at the end of May. Stephanie Talksdifferent heard about the opening from another nursing home employee, applied, and was hired as an Activities Aid.

Since that time, Talksdifferent has found pleasure in her job, describing her position with enthusiasm and calling it a life-saver. "I absolutely love my job! I needed a little positivity in my live, and this job fills that need. My co-workers are kind, helpful, and welcoming, and the residents are also some of the most wonderful people. At the end of the day, I go home feeling accomplished. Even my two sons have noticed a change in my sense of satisfaction!"

Having moved to Chinook from Nampa, Idaho, in September of 2014, Talksdifferent said she has mostly adjusted to the culture-shock of rural-living. However, getting friends from more urban settings to understand the reduction in amenities that come with such a lifestyle hasn't been as simple.

"When I tell friends that we have a post office, a grocery store, and a few bars, they're like: 'Really, that's it?' They just can't imagine not having multiple options for shopping and entertainment."

Talksdifferent and her husband Seth have two sons: Reece and Toccoa. According to their mother, the two boys are vastly different. "Reece is maybe a little too obsessed with machinery. He loves lawn mowers, tractors, and basically any machine. His dad is his hero, so he shadows the mechanic work that Seth does."

Their younger son is more of a "free-spirited child," according to his mother. "Toccoa is very out-going and loves giving hugs. You could say that he's more social like his dad. I am a fairly private person who enjoys coming to work," Talksdifferent said.

When she's not working, Talksdifferent takes pleasure in relaxing with her family or working in her garden. A gardener of vegetables, flowers, and herbs, Talksdifferent described her lemon grass, parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme, and catnip as doing well. Her vegetables, however, are not as prolific. "For some reason, my peppers and tomatoes aren't looking real healthy, but other area gardeners have shared similar reports," she said. "Now, my potatoes are doing fabulous!"

This nurturing nature follows her to work. In order to better assist the residents at the Home, Talksdifferent reported that she is studying for her Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) credential. "With my CNA license, I will know how to help a resident safely get out of a wheelchair, for example."

About Talksdifferent, SMNH Administrator Rebecca Shackelford said, "Stephanie is really good with the residents. In fact, she has been an asset for us here."


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