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October 28, 2020

Shown at the time of the meat donation to the Turner Public School is L-R: Superintendent, Tony Warren, Head cook Anne Hance, and Lane Schmitt, DVM. Thanks to all who made this donation possible to the Turner School. It was a wonderful donation and gesture!

Turner School Recipient of Meat Donation

There is already a Montana Beef to School Program in place. A newly formed organization is using this model as well as one from Winnett and Choteau.

The program recently donated 300 pounds of delicious Montana grown Beef and patties to Turner and Big Sandy Schools. The processing costs for this donation was made possible by Dr. Lane Schmitt, DVM and the Beef was processed at Bear Paw Meats. The goal of the program is to have more quality, locally grown beef in the school system for the lunch programs and increase the number of days beef is on the school lunch menu, all donated free of cost.

This newly formed organization's President is Merle Young and his wife Devyn donated the first beef. The organization is setting up a donation account for processing and if anyone would like to donate a beef, they may contact Merle Young or Lane Schmitt.

Independence Bank Has Spirit!!

Lucas Reed from Independence Bank of Havre came to Turner recently to present the school with a check from the Tornado Spirit Debit Card Program.

Independence Bank School Spirit Debit Cards allow one to represent your favorite local school and raise money for them each time you use your card. The School Spirit Debit Card is now available with the instant Issue Service and they are free to Independence Bank customers. Replace your current debit card, or open a new checking account with IB, and select the participating school you would like to support. Each time the School Spirit Debit Card is used, Independence Bank will donate 5 cents for each transaction you make using your debit card to the school represented on your card, including ATM transactions. Card holders will keep their current card number and your School Spirit Debit Card will be activated immediately. This proves to be a great way for Independence Bank and their customers to work together to support local public schools.

Lucas Reed from Independence Bank came to the Turner School one day this past week and presented the school a $400.00 Spirit Card Check. Remember each time you use the Turner Tornado Spirit Debit Card from IB, 5 cents is donated back to the school for each of your transactions. What a great way to help support your school! Thanks to IB for the donation. Accepting the check from Reed is Mr. Tony Warren, School Superintendent.


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