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Chinook School Officials Remind Community to Stay Vigilant


November 18, 2020

On Sunday, November 8, and again on Wednesday, November 11, Chinook School Superintendent, Darin Hannum, in cooperation with Blaine County Health Official Jana McPherson-Hauer, announced that Chinook Schools were notified of school related cases of COVID-19.

In the notification, the school learned that one of the cases is in a student from the elementary school and another in a staff member from the junior/senior high school. Through the case investigation, it was discovered that the Meadowlark Elementary School-associated case did have any contact with anyone at the school during the infectious period.

According to Hannum, in an effort to minimize the impact of these cases, school officials are working closely and consistently with Blaine County Health Department to assess the risk to the rest of the school population. At this time, all the contacts of those cases have been notified and are quarantined.

The total number of cases at Chinook Junior/Senior High is one staff and seven students; those numbers which include both active and recovered cases.

"The COVID response in the school district will be an ongoing effort, and we will continue to update families and the community as the situation develops throughout the school year," Hannum stated.

He continued with this advice: "This is a reminder to stay vigilant, to not send kids to school if they are sick, and to follow the guidance of local public health officials." Hannum went on to thank all families and community members for doing their part to keep Blaine County safe and healthy.

Anyone seeking more comprehensive information is encouraged to visit the website of the Department of Public Health and Human Services at


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