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2021 will bring hope, healing & prosperity to Montana


December 16, 2020

Fellow Montanans, I’d like to extend my warmest Christmas and holiday wishes to you and your loved ones.

The holiday season is an annual reminder of the importance of two key institutions that bind our state together and define our Montana way of life: the freedom to worship as we choose and the importance of family. These values are at the core of the Montana Republican Party and have always been the guiding forces in allowing us to overcome even the most daunting challenges.

While 2020 brought one of the most unprecedented hardships and daunting challenges we have faced, the American spirit has always been one of perseverance and strength. And I know that we will rise to the occasion and that this next year will bring hope, healing, prosperity, and immense potential all across our state. With the New Year quickly approaching, we have so much to look forward to in 2021.

The COVID-19 vaccine will soon find its way to 300 million Americans, and we will finally be able to move past the terrible virus that challenged the health of our community and the health of our economy like never before.

Montanans spoke clearly in the 2020 elections and brought a red wave to Montana, and with Helena finally in Republican hands, we have an incredible opportunity to get ourselves back on track and leave an enduring, positive impact on Montana’s future.

With commanding majorities in the legislature and Republicans in every statewide office, we are ready to change the way Helena does business and usher in a new era of leadership that will bring more high-paying jobs to our state and restore customer service to state government.

Our goal is to ensure Montanans see and feel the concretely positive effects of Republican leadership. And we aim to build a better Montana for all Montanans by creating greater opportunity in every corner of our state through good-paying Montana jobs. Additionally, Republicans will work to reduce taxes, so more of your hard-earned dollars stays in your pocket and not the hands of the Helena bureaucracy. The Republican Party is dedicated to supporting working-class Montanans because they are the foundation of our state’s economy and rugged spirit.

We will recommit to aggressively combating the epidemic of illegal drugs and addiction. Our leaders will serve with conviction and compassion to keep our communities safe, heal our neighbors that are struggling with addiction, and move people away from dependency and back to the dignity of self-sufficiency.

We must leave our state better off for the next generations of our children and grandchildren, and 2021 will be the turning point toward better outcomes for Montanans.

I encourage you to get involved in the upcoming legislative session as we seek to build a stronger, more prosperous state.

Together, there is no telling what we can achieve. I’m eager to embark on this journey in 2021 with you all; there is no doubt that Montana’s best days lie ahead.

Don “K”

MTGOP Chairman


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