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Friends of the Park and Pool Foundation Feeling Grateful for Additional Donations


February 10, 2021

The Friends of the Pool and Park Foundation has received three more sizable gifts within the last month. Triangle Communications, the Blaine County Community Foundation, and the Sweet Park Board all made donations towards the improvement of the Chinook City Pool and the Sweet Park. Foundation members are feeling grateful for the generosity.

Triangle Communications in Havre recently donated $1,000 towards the Pool and Park project from their Community Vitality Grant Program. An Economic Development Resource, Triangle's Community Vitality Grant Program offers monetary support to organizations or groups that are positively impacting their communities within the Triangle service area.

"We are so grateful for the support that they have shown us, and we are ever so thankful for their amazing contribution," Friends of the Pool and Park Foundation (FPPF) President Heather DePriest said. "We wish to thank Triangle Communications for investing in the community of Chinook. With this gift, we look forward to the exciting changes to be made at Sweet Park and the Chinook City Pool."

Jack Maloughney, Business Sales Manager for Triangle Communications, presented a check to Friends of the Pool and Park Foundation Board Members on Friday, January 22.

About the financial gift, Vice President of Marketing at Triangle Communications, Bethany Chinadle said. "Triangle is very community focused, and this project fits perfectly with our Community Vitality Grant. We are excited to help support this project that will benefit the community for many generations to come. Through the pool and its swim instructors, many young people have learned how to swim. The pool also draws visitors into Chinook."

In December, another group, the Blaine County Community Foundation, which is an Endowment of the Montana Community Foundation, awarded the FPPF $2,000 to be used towards their improvement efforts at the Sweet Park and Chinook City Pool.

"We are extremely grateful for their amazing contribution towards our project, and we look forward to the improvements that will be made to these two entities. Thank you again to the Blaine County Community Foundation for their support," DePriest stated.

The Blaine County Community Foundation Fund was established at the Montana Community Foundation by Chinook community leader, Warren Ross, in 1997. An annual grant cycle from the fund benefits communities and residents of Blaine County. Financial support for this grant program also comes from the Ross 87 Ranch Endowment Fund, another fund established by Warren Ross.

Members of the Blaine County Community Foundation Committee include Ben Hall, Kasie McIntosh, Sonia Swank, Keri Hanson, Sue Reid, Michael Van Voast, Kim Cornell, and Jessica Stewart-Kuntz. "Be sure to give these folks a hand for their contributions to the community of Chinook. We have so much to be thankful for," DePriest added.

Finally, the Sweet Park Board donated $5,000 to FPPF to be used towards the engineering costs of their project.

"When our community works together, we achieve so much! Thank you to the Sweet Park Board for their generous donation towards the Pool and the Park; we are excited for the upcoming changes," DePriest said.


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