National Reading Month Award-Winners Announced


April 14, 2021

Representing the Masons from local Masonic Lodge #50, Mr. Ben Hall presented each of the top Accelerated Readers at Meadowlark Elementary School with their Kindle prizes. Back Row: Kruz Crowley, Ben Murnion, Beau Elias, Ryder Hofeldt, Gus Buck, and Mrs. Harry. Middle Row: Alisha Munari, Janna Snedigar, Cynnloch Gibson, and Piper Skoyen. Front Row: Blake Morris-Clements, Jaxon Greene, Dax Langford, Cassidy Liddle, and Chase Van Voast.

On Montana Day, April 6 (4-06), Chinook School District's Librarian, Mrs. Kelsey Harry announced the names of the thirty-one lucky Meadowlark Elementary School readers who won books during March, which was designated National Reading Month. In addition, the top Accelerated Readers (AR) were presented with Kindle awards.

For every day of the month during a March celebration, which Harry dubbed "31 Days of Books," a lucky reader won a free book. Harry wanted those prizes to be available to everyone, not just to the best readers or to those earning the highest number of AR points.

From the ballot box that contained the names of every child who attends Meadowlark Elementary, Harry drew a slip daily to ultimately declare thirty-one winners. The owners of new books are Zane Adamson (first grade), Edwin Hewitt (kindergarten), Alisha Munari (third grade), Tyson Nissen (second grade), Cynnloch Gibson (fourth grade), Austin Anderson (third grade), Mason Aberg (third grade), Rhett Hofeldt (fourth grade), Dane Haluszka (fourth grade), Lily Skoyen (fourth grade), Peyton Martell (second grade), Peyson Truax (kindergarten), Kaylie Skoyen (third grade), Evan Davies (sixth grade), Bella Brown (fifth grade), Rachel Bilger (fifth grade), Kimber Klein (third grade), Landon Adamson (third grade), Natalie Hofeldt (first grade), Remi Kuhnhenn (kindergarten), Blake Miller (fifth grade), Chyler Standiford (fifth grade), Kamry Gustitis (sixth grade), Kiley Huravitch (sixth grade), Hudson Crowley (fourth grade), Madalyn Billmayer (third grade), Pepper Harwood (second grade), Taylyn Collins (third grade) Jorie Miller (third grade), Brooklyn Sohn (second grade), and Charley Nissen (fourth grade).

As students immersed themselves in reading during National Reading Month, they also took AR tests. Each time readers earned an 80% or higher on a test, their names were added to the ballot box for the Kindle Fire drawings. Through reading accomplishments, students could increase their odds for winning a Kindle Fire, an electronic reader or tablet that houses all of the owner's media-from books and games to music and movies.

Chinook's Masonic Lodge, who sponsors reading achievement with its Kindles for Books Program, donated extra prizes this year. Consequently, the school was able to honor two winners from each grade level. Winning at the Kindergarten level were Chase Van Voast and Dax Langford. Primary grade winners were first graders Blake Morris-Clements and Jaxon Greene, second graders Janna Snedigar and Cassidy Liddle, and third graders Alisha Munari and Piper Skoyen. For the middle grades, Cynnloch Gibson and Beau Elias (fourth graders), Kruz Crowley and Ben Murnion (fifth graders), and Ryder Hofeldt and Gus Buck (sixth graders) were announced winners.

Harry expressed pride in the achievement of her readers and considered her "31 Days of Books" celebration and other festivities to have been a success.

"Any time we have a contest, it really gets the students excited and they read like crazy. Overall, I think the most exciting part for the kids was the book giveaway. I would announce the winner over the loudspeaker at the end of each day, and there's nothing like the anticipation of waiting to hear whether your name is called over the intercom.

"That was really fun for me as well. I loved watching them pick out a book and then seeing the awe on their faces when they realized they got to keep it! This is definitely something I will do again next year," Harry reported.

Harry added, "I'd also really like to thank the Masons for their generous donation of Kindle Fires. That really creates a lot of buzz during the month, and it's very exciting for the winners to receive such a cool prize."


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