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Students of the Month Named at Meadowlark Elementary (Continued)


April 28, 2021

Kendall Fetter - 3rd

Every month, the teachers at Meadowlark Elementary School in Chinook select a student from each of their classrooms who has exhibited exemplary behavior. The BEETS acronym helps to guide their selection as they seek out students who Be respectful, Exercise responsibility, Engage in learning, Try their best, and Stay safe.

About Kendall Fetter, Mrs. Scofield stated: "It has been really fun to watch Kendall grow as a student this year! She tries her hardest on all of her assignments and always asks questions to clear things up when she is confused. Keep up the good work, Kendall."

Another large class, the fourth grade also gets two SOM nominees. Given that fact, Fourth Grade Teacher Miss Fouts nominated Kollin Gustitis, saying "Kollin has really come out of his shell this month. He has been working very hard in all areas, but especially in math. Because he asks for help whenever he needs it, he has made great improvements, and I'm very proud of him. Keep up the great work!"

She also identified Lillie Skoyen as a joy to have in class. "Lillie has a great sense of humor, is always happy to be here, and always tries her best. Although math was challenging this month, she never got discouraged and would ask for help when she needed it; she'd say, 'This is tricky, but I will get it eventually!' I'm so proud of how hard she worked. Keep up the great work, Lillie!

Finally, three students represented the fifth and sixth graders: Westen Paulsen, Brooklyn Terry, and Wyatt Mord.

About Paulsen, Mrs. Deanon reported: "Westen has been working so hard lately! He has put in a lot of effort to stay organized and on top of his work this past month. He is turning into a true leader in the classroom and is showing massive growth in the area of responsibility. Westen is also a lot of fun to be around and is always good for a joke when someone needs it!"

Kollin Gustitis - 4th

Representing her room, Mrs. Paulsen nominated Brooklyn Terry. "Brooklyn has a great work ethic in the classroom. She takes meticulous notes and pays close attention to her learning, especially in science. Brooklyn is also a very sociable and friendly person. She enjoys sharing her life-outside-of-the-classroom

experiences with me, which always seem to be filled with humor. Keep up the hard work, Brooklyn!"

Mrs. MacLeod designated Wyatt Mord as her choice. "Wyatt worked very hard during the past month in order to ensure that he had all of his work completed on time and to the best of his ability. He has asked for help when it is needed and has stayed after school to make certain things were right. Wyatt has also tried very hard to improve his behavior and has made strides towards being a respectful and cooperative participant in class discussions. Way to go, Wyatt! Keep making yourself and your teacher proud. You are awesome."


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