Hogeland Happenings


August 25, 2021

Morgan and Jessica Klindworth’s kids spent the weekend with Grandpa and Grandma, Duane and Carol Klindworth, while their parents were in Billings.

Guests at the Jim Billmayer home Saturday for lunch were Stephanie and Andre Silva and girls and friend Steven from Chinook, Larry Billmayer, and Shannon Van Voast and girls from Turner.

Ashley and Cody Houle and Kelly came from Big Sandy for the weekend to spend time with Duane and Carol Klindworth.

Darwin Zellmer visited Wally and Loretta Beck on Tuesday morning.

Annie Klindworth’s dad, Larry Spadoni and her sister Mary and her boys, came to the Klindworth’s for a visit.

On Tuesday afternoon, Loretta Beck took Holly Grabofsky to Havre for a dental appointment.

The Klindworth family all celebrated Hannah’s 7th birthday together.

There will be a community potluck at the Turner Park on Sunday, August 29, from 12:00-5:00 p.m.

Cindy Reed visited Jane Krass on Wednesday night and Thursday and helped her celebrate an early birthday.

Loretta Beck picked up fruit from the Gaines produce truck and stopped by to visit with Darwin Zellmer.

Sharon Goodrich visited Jane Krass on Tuesday.

Susan Billmayer and Anita, Brooke, and Bridget Reed visited Jane Krass on Wednesday morning.

Jane’s girls visited throughout the week and helped her with some household chores.

Good luck to all the school kids and college students who have begun a new year of school.


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