Hogeland Happenings


September 15, 2021

Helen and Susan Billmayer had lunch with Carla Van Voast on Thursday.

Beatrice Kane left for her home in the Bear Paws after spending Sunday-Thursday afternoon at the Wallace Beck home.

Hilary and Natalie Richman visited Jane Krass on Sunday. Diana Maloney, Anita and Bridget Reed, and Linda Hauge visited throughout the week with mom, Jane, as well.

Monday lunch guests at the Wallace Beck home were Mike, Crystal, Cassidy, Holly, Cooper, and Lucy Grabofsky, Maggie and Katie Kimmel, and Beatrice Kane.

Susan Billmayer attended the funeral for Dorris Hamilton in Chinook on Saturday afternoon.

Crystal and Lucy Grabofsky came to help Loretta celebrate her birthday on Thursday at the Wallace Beck home. Crystal cooked a delicious lunch for her mom, dad, and Aunt Bea. Darwin Zellmer stopped by to wish Loretta Happy Birthday also.

Connie Anderson had lunch with Helen and Jim Billmayer on Saturday.

Loretta Beck attended the graveside service for Sis Nace on Saturday.

Darwin Zellmer visited Wally and Loretta Beck on Saturday afternoon.


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