Punkin' chunkin' is back at Finley's pumpkin patch


September 15, 2021

This photo from last year's activities at Finley's pumpkin patch shows passengers on the pumpkin train scrambling for a seat. The train will be back this year as part of the activities at the pumpkin patch on the weekend of October 2-3.

I visited recently with Ken Finley out at his garden and pumpkin patch adjacent to the Chinook Water Treatment Plant just off Cleveland Road on the south edge of town. I'd walked through the pumpkin patch during the growing season and was impressed with some of the 'lunkers' I could see down in the vines. But an orange wooden contraption had been erected at the south end of the patch and I was curious to learn what it was. Ken was happy to talk about this most recent addition to his patch.

He explained the weird looking structure is a 'punkin' chunkin' machine. To be precise, per Wikipedia,...

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