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Big Flat Meeting Minutes


October 27, 2021

The October meeting of Big Flat 4-H was held on Sunday, October 24, 2021 at 2:00 at Turner Christian Church. Members present include: Katie Kimmel, Hannah Richman, Natalie Richman, Hannah Van Voast and Isabella Van Voast. Leaders present were Hillary Richman and Shannon Van Voast. Hannah Richman led the American Pledge, Natalie Richman led the 4-H Pledge. The Treasurer’s report was $1,797.03.

Old Business.

Hannah Van Voast gave a report on the 4-H week window display. The theme was “Find Your Spark” and the display was put up at Big Flat Grocery. Explosion designs were made for each project you can take and clovers were made for each member.

Shannon reported that food has been ordered for Achievement Night. The extension office will get the ice cream machine and supplies to the commercial building for us to use for ice cream social. We will be in touch with extension office about setting up tables and chairs. Izzy moved and Katie second to have Hillary put together a gift basket from the pharmacy for $20 - $25 for our door prize.

New Business

Katie took two clovers to give to families she talked to about signing up for 4-H this year. Shannon handed out the calendar that the calendar committee wrote. The calendar was unanimously adopted. Elections were held and the following officers are serving:

President—Hannah Richman

Vice President— Natalie Richman

Secretary—Jessa Schroder

Treasurer—Hannah Richman

Historian—Katie Kimmel

Reporter—Hannah and Isabella Van Voast

Hillary and Shannon talked about the parent committees they would like to work with and will be in touch with the extension office about how to proceed. Shannon brought up the idea of doing an awards ceremony for the 4-H club. She suggested buying pins for the kids to honor the number of years the member was in 4-H. Hillary agreed. We will start this tradition from this year forward.

Hannah Van Voast moved to adjourn, Katie second. Following the meeting members signed cards for Veteran’s Day to be mailed. Hannah Van Voast gave a demonstration on “Repurposing to make Fall Decorations” and Isabella Van Voast gave a demonstration on “A Cool Treat for a Fall Day.”

Submitted by Hannah Van Voast


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