Chinook Fire Crew hones skills for fighting structure fires


November 17, 2021

Chinook Volunteer Firemen practice helping a fallen firefighter out of a mock burning building during a recent 'firemen's Mayday' exercise. A rapid response team, three members still outside a structure fire, go in to help extricate a fallen colleague . Left to right are: Chris Carpenter, kneeling; Aden Passon, standing in background; Elmer Zarn, to right of fallen fireman. Ian Davies played the fallen fireman, prone among the standing firemen.

Crossing Indiana Street near the grocery store a few nights ago I looked south and saw emergency flashing lights. From where I was it looked like a fire truck and firemen running toward the tire shop at the end of the block. Curiosity got the best of me and I headed toward the lights and activity.

Turns out Chinook firemen, in full gear and wearing SCBA packs (like scuba gear for firefighters), were moving in and out of the north side door of Chinook Lube Tire and Sporting Goods. Smoke was boiling out of the door and just as I arrived a fireman was assisted out of the building and collapse...

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