Display at Rough Riders Museum caught my attention


November 17, 2021

This cartoon panel appeared in the 1940's in the "Chinook Opinion." Many "knock offs" were created after "Ripley's Believe It or Not" became a hit with the readers of period newspapers. This cartoon panel was drawn and syndicated from 1935-1945 with more than 500 panels drawn.

During a stay in Miles city my wife and I visited some of the local tourist attractions. I was especially impressed with the Range Riders Museum. Described as "a celebration of eastern Montana history" the collection includes exhibits of local branding irons to an iron lung. Though the amount of material to view is a bit overwhelming one exhibit, especially, stood out for me: the collection of "It Happened in Montana" panel drawings by artist James Masterson

The particular set of drawings on display was part of Masterson's 1940 series of line drawings that appeared weekly in Montana newspap...

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