A Successful Youth Hunt Alongside Family and Friends Provides Lasting Memories


November 17, 2021

Landon Trottier of Harlem harvested his first Muley Buck on Saturday, November 6 north of Turner while hunting with his Dad, Brandon and a family friend. Congratulations to all of our successful youth hunters!

This week we are happy to report three successful youth hunts were recently completed. Landon Trottier of Harlem along with Ethan Klingaman and Bridger Billmayer of Chinook all harvested nice Muley Bucks.

Hunting as a youngster was always a thrill no matter how it was done, but the opportunity to have a successful hunt alongside family is always something special. All three of these young hunters accomplished just that making memories that will last a lifetime.

Landon Trottier recently went on a hunt north of Turner on Saturday, November 6 with his Dad, Brandon and a family friend. The group spotted a nice Muley Buck about 225-250 yards out.

Landon carefully took his position and drew his 270 rifle, firing a successful shot. Landon was quite pleased with the experience saying, "I was excited and nervous at the same time, but very happy I knocked him down.

Ethan Klingaman was looking to add to the success he had a season ago when he harvested his first deer. This go around Ethan was hunting in a family favorite spot north of Harlem along side his Dad-Larry, Mom-Bobbi and siblings Emma, Quirt and Sylvester.

Ethan Klingaman filled his tag for the second year on Sunday, November 7 while on a hunt with Mom, Dad, Emma, Quirt and Sylvester. Congratulations to all of our successful youth hunters!

Ethan used a 30.06 to harvest a nice Mule Buck with a great shot from approximately 100 yards out. The hunt took place on Sunday, November 7. Ethan is proud to say he is two for two to start his hunting journey.

Next up Bridger Billmayer successfully harvested his first Muley Buck while hunting the Marias River Breaks with family. Bridger was able to sneak up on a group of Muley Bucks while they were bedded down sleeping.

Bridger got himself into a shooting position from 249 yards and fired a single shot, harvesting a nice 5x6 Muley Buck. Bridger was happy that his Grandpa got to be a part of the hunt and witness his shot.

If you have a youth hunter and would like to share his/her story, please send your information to frate_kracker@icloud.com or bcjpictures@itstriangle.com. Please include a full size jpeg or pdf photo, along with the basic details of the hunt; who, what, when and where.


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