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Hogeland Happenings


December 29, 2021

Matt and Annie Klindworth and kids , Morgan and Jessica Klindworth and kids, and Ashley Houle and girls were guests over Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at Duane and Carol Klindworth’s home.

Loretta Beck visited with Brandon Beck and Danielle Gard at their home in Harlem, and she also visited with Darwin and Betty Zellmer and Addilyn, Norah, and Harper Zellmer on Wednesday.

Dusty and Misty Mohar and boys and Janie and Butch Mohar were guests at Terry and Brenda Mohar’s for Christmas dinner. Terry and Brenda went to Harlem on Christmas Eve and were guests at Dusty and Misty’s.

Susan Billmayer, Kathy Zellmer, Merrilyn Billmayer, and Loretta Beck went to visit Sandy Beck on Monday and treated her out to Rad’s for her birthday. Afterwards, they enjoyed birthday dessert and visiting at Sandy’s home.

Levi and Carrie Hawley were visitors at the Wally Beck home on the 23rd.

Gene and Susan Billmayer were guests at the Burns home in Zurich for Christmas Eve.

Wally and Loretta Beck attended Holly Grabofsky’s 13th birthday celebration at the Grabofsky home on Thursday, Dec. 23rd along with Shawn and Bobbi Beck and family, Matt and Sadie Grabofsky and family, and Rick Grabofsky.

Jane Krass was a guest at Lorin and Jill Krass’ home as well as Bev Inman and Brian Anderson for Christmas Eve supper.

Loretta Beck attended the Dodson-Turner ballgames on Monday. They were very exciting games with both boys and girls teams winning!

Gene and Susan Billmayer spent Christmas Day at the Mark Billmayer home in Chinook with many family members.

Christmas Eve, Wally and Loretta Beck and all the family attended church in Hogeland, and then spent the evening at the Shawn Beck home along with the Mike Grabofsky family, Kevin and Brandon Beck and Danielle Gard, the Garrett family, and Ralph and Nancy Snider.

Susan Billmayer attended the preschool Christmas pageant on Wednesday at the Turner Christian Church.

Anita and Brooke Reed took Bridget to Great Falls on Thursday for dental surgery.

Wally and Loretta Beck went to Chinook on Tuesday and stopped for a short visit with Steve and Lesley Zellmer at Treasure State Title.

Family members visited Jane Krass on Christmas Day to spend time with Mom/Grandma, and family also visited throughout the week.

Wally and Loretta Beck spent Christmas Day at the Mike Grabofsky home along with Kevin and Brandon Beck, Danielle Gard, Rick Grabofsky, and Jeff, Melissa, and Maisie Dobberstein.

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!


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