The Weather Outside Is Frightful


January 5, 2022

On the final day of 2021, the National Weather Service (NWS) Office in Great Falls issued a statement indicating that bitterly cold air would continue to be our companion as we welcome the new year.

"Cold air surging back into the region will remain in place through tonight before some warming develops by Sunday," the statement read on December 31.

The NWS further suggested: "Wind chill values around 30 below are expected today over North Central Montana, lowering to about 45 below at times tonight through Saturday morning along the Highway 2 corridor from Cut Bank to Harlem."

Whether in response to the statement or just for entertainment value, someone fashioned an emotional snowman. The snow sculpture, which incorporates a mailbox, appears to be screaming about the cold or even perhaps about the warming trend predicted for Sunday.

Although snow can create obstacles when we have to drive or shovel our sidewalks, this sculpture proves that it can also offer creative people with the opportunity to express themselves through snow art. As long as we have snow lying around and wind chill factors don't present a deterrent, snow sculpting can evoke winter creativity. For anyone seeking a project to fill an idle day, ideas for sculptures abound on the internet. Among the provided pictures, there is sure to be something to match one's artistic flair and skill level.


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