Blaine County Students made Dean's List at U of M, MSUN and ANC


January 19, 2022

University of Montana Dean’s List and President’s List, Fall Semester 2021

The students listed below made UM’s fall semester 2021 Dean’s List or the President’s 4.0 List. Double asterisks after a name indicate the student earned a 4.0 GPA. A single asterisk indicates a GPA greater than 3.5 but less than 4.0.

Chinook MT

Delaney Kellam*

Jasmine Klingaman*

Shannon Nissen**

Natalia Pomeroy*

Lily Surber**

Harlem MT

Eric Plumage*

Students Named to MSU-Northern’s Fall 2021 Semester Dean’s List

The Montana State University-Northern’s Fall semester Dean’s List contains 342 students. To be included in the Dean’s List, students must carry a minimum of 12 credits and earn a grade point average of 3.25 or better. Students that received an incomplete or “F” during this semester are not included on the honor roll listing. The following list of students is organized alphabetically by hometown (please note that many students give a Havre address instead of a hometown address, and thus are listed in the Havre listing).

Chinook MT

James I. Buffington

Brittney B. Cox

Kade Friede

Carrie K. Hofer

Crystal D. Hofer

Chelsi A. Jones

Hailey L. Mcmaster

Taryn N. Schmitt

Craig T. Sohn

Melissa S. Wergin

Harlem MT

Donald R. Cox

Skylee P. Dirden

Brandon S. Long Fox

Sheena J. Pursley

Song Stuker

Sonny T. Stuker

Davie L. Weasel

Hays MT

Kallie R. Crantz

Hogeland MT

Shyan L. Krass

Andrew J. Rasmussen

Cord J. Schneider

Turner MT

Stacie Cornell

Eddie N. Harmon

Brooke L. Reed

Aaniih Nakoda College Fall 2021 Semester Deans List

Devon Azure 3.47

Derek Bell 3.76

Eleesha Bell 3.41

Lacey Bell 3.69

Dee Brockie 3.41

Charissa Carey 3.41

Caitlyn Cliff 3.92

Marina Crantz 3.75

Loretta Delora 3.75

Kali Ditmar 3.41

Sonny Gray 3.78

Sidney Hagenbuch 3.66

Deion Hammett 3.55

Neal Hogan 3.38

Erin Jones 3.41

Brooke LaValley 3.41

Leah Link 3.25

Amanda Lopez 3.71

Paxtin McCann 3.76

Tyra Medicine Bear 3.50

Tevin Messerly 3.83

Kolyn Plumage 3.25

Jory Pursley 3.41

Mella Stiffarm 3.53

Shakayla Whitecow 3.82

Dana Woods 3.30


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