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Seed Show Superintendents Are Already Hard at Work


February 16, 2022

Since last November when the decision to hold the Montana Seed Show was made official, Seed Show Superintendent Paul Rasmussen has been busy gearing up for the occasion. The 72nd Annual Montana Seed Show is slated to take place at Harlem High School on March 10-12, 2022. The Seed Show information and advertising book went to the printer, Moore’s Printing in Malta, last week and is due back by the month’s end. Deadline to enter hay, forage, or silage is also February 28 for any producer who desires an analysis report.

According to Extension Agent, Juli Snedigar, hay, forage, or silage samples turned in to the Blaine County Extension office by the February deadline will be sent in for an analysis at no charge to the producer. Seed samples will be accepted until March 1. Any producers not seeking an analysis report can enter their Seed Show exhibits on the regular timeline, by March 10.

Along with the seed and forage portion of the show, some of the other signature events are a pie bake off, a bread competition, and several affiliate shows to feature art, crafts, wool, quilts, cars, and educational displays. Mary-Kate French (406-531-7372) will serve as the Art Superintendent, Lisa Hamilton (406-698-3707) as the Pie Superintendent, and Karolee Cronk (406-353-2874) is the Bread Superintendent. Other community leaders are Sandy Miller (406-357-2398) as the wool superintendent, Shirley Brockie (406-353-2716), as organizer of the educational displays, and Max Cederberg (406-379-2387) and Alan Van Voast (406-379-2243) from Turner as co-managers of the car show. The Nimble Thimble Quilt Guild will be in charge of the quilt show.

For more information, about the quilt show, people can call Sharon Goodrich at 406-379-2663 or Carla Becker at 406-353-2256 or 406-353-2213. The Quilt Guild is accepting quilts, quilted wall hangings, decorator items, clothing, and other quilted pieces for display at the Seed Show. There will also be a silent auction with many items for sale that are made by members of the Guild.

In most of the foregoing departments, awards are presented to outstanding exhibits. Every rosette that is awarded comes with $100.00 in prize money. This money is raised during the pie and bread auctions, with proceeds being used to pay those cash prizes.

Anyone interested in these events or having additional questions about them is encouraged to contact the individual in charge. Another option for detail seekers is the Montana Seed Show’s Facebook Page.

According to Rasmussen, the Seed Show also supports additional outside groups such as the Harlem FFA. The FFA Chapter is planning to fundraise with a pancake supper to support their club. Various other groups in the community will also be hosting breakfast and lunch counters on both days of the Seed Show. One hundred per cent of the monies they raise will go to those groups.

Another group, One Health from Chinook will be conducting a health fair at the Seed Show. According to Site Director Allison Gray, the Health Fair will offer a series of tests. Among those include lipid panels, COVID antibodies, and testosterone levels.

The Seed Show’s official book contains all the rules for each event offered. It also features advertising from businesses and individuals who support the Montana Seed Show. This advertising helps to offset the expenses of the show itself. Books are expected to be available by the end of this month.

“Each year the show seems to cost more to put on, so we are very grateful for all the businesses who support the Montana Seed Show,” Rasmussen reported.

Although the opportunity to secure print advertising has passed, anyone interested in reserving booth space for the trade show should call Rasmussen at 406-353-7230.

While many aspects of the Seed Show will be transpiring, there will not be a banquet and entertainment this year. “That was the concession that was made since the majority of the committee didn’t feel comfortable sitting and eating in a large group setting. Even though not everyone felt that way, we had to give up those elements. So, we will run Saturday like normal, and then at the conclusion of Saturday’s show, we will present the awards and auction the top placing pies and bread,” Rasmussen explained.

About his leadership role with the Seed Show, Rasmussen chuckled, saying: “They signed me up for a two year term; I think that was thirteen years ago!”


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