Calling All Car Enthusiasts


February 23, 2022

Max Cederberg and Alan Van Voast, the co-managers of the Car and Tractor Show to be held in conjunction with the Montana Seed Show, invite all car and farm enthusiasts to consider entering their vehicles for the one-day show on Saturday, March 12.

According to Cederberg, the Harlem High School Shop has again been designated as the Car Show area. There will also be tables available for individuals to display their toys and models. Cederberg is hoping for sunny conditions on March 12 since the number of participants is often dependent on the weather. "No one wants to drag a vehicle to town if it's snowy, rainy, or cold! We're counting on good weather so we can fill the shop!"

People are invited to register their vehicles anytime between eight and ten o'clock on Saturday morning. "We hope to have the area open from 10:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m. for viewing," Cederberg explained. "To help us keep a head count of our visitors, as well as to serve as a deterrent to aimlessly wandering children, we charge an admission fee of fifty cents to see the show."

This admission fee goes into the Seed Show coffers, from which award monies are paid. For the Car Show, awards will be based on a People's Choice voting system, with $100.00 and a rosette going to the owner of the tractor receiving the most votes and another $100.00 and a rosette being awarded to the top car. "We will also pay out a $25.00 cash prize in the Toys and Models Category," Cederberg said.

"Some people hesitate to participate, thinking their vehicle isn't old enough or good enough for display, but we want everyone to consider this opportunity. People are anxious to see the old and the different. Your vehicle doesn't need to be shiny or even vintage to be worthy of display in this show," Cederberg reported.

In prior years, the show has seen anywhere from 150-200 people. Since Cederberg has been managing the event, the fewest cars registered was a slim total of six, while the largest number has been twenty vehicles. About the show, Cederberg added: "Seeing these vehicles will often trigger memories of a grandfather or a family member, so I kind of think of the show as a story generator. After covid and everything else, we're anxious to get back at it!"

People with questions can contact Cederberg at 406-379-2387 or Van Voast at 406-379-2243.


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