We've Got The County Covered

Impressive turn out for the Blood Drive in Chinook

Impressive turn out for the blood drive in Chinook on Tuesday March 8th.

We had 57 donors presenting with 54 productive units on a goal of 44. Great job everyone.

We had 4 first time donors: Lexi Miller, Toby Niederegger, Morgan Friede and Belle Elliott. We hope this was the first of many donations for you.

Mark Weber reached 13 gallons, Shirley MacKenzie 10 gallons, Carla Jenewein 6 gallons, Lindy Brekke 4 gallons, Cindy Haney 2 gallons, and Kim Cornell 2 gallons.

The canteen was hosted by The American Lutheran Church. The hard work and time that goes into all the homemade sandwiches, snacks...

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