Hello God, it's me, Mara


March 23, 2022

You know Lord, today or maybe even this week, we might just feel like completing some winter projects or we might just pack them away for another day. The urge to clean and plant surges deep within us. No false sense of security here, we know the fickle weather of March as the new season struggles with Spring birth pains. But how about taking a moment to check out a few words for a Day Brightener – especially as we think about Saint Patrick’s Day and Green things, right? “Blue Sky overhead – Snow piles melt – Spring’s smells abound – Geese feed and rest – New calves frolic – Colts kick up heels – Bunnies check new growth – Tree buds swell – Tulip’s peep through earth – Grass sounds crunchy – House cleaning urge – Blessings everywhere – Celebrate St. Patty’s Day and eat something green – Praise His Holy Name.’”

Our inner being begins to feel renewed, rejuvenated, revived as we see rebirth happening all around us – baby animals – trees beginning to bud and we honestly do hear grass crunch under our feet. We feel praises budding up from within us – to You, oh Lord. We say with the Psalmist (147:7.89.10b and 11); “Sing out your thanks to Him: sing praises to our God…He covers the heavens with clouds, sends down the showers and makes the green grass grow in mountain pastures…How puny in His sight is the strength of a man. But His joy is in those who reverence Him, those who expect Him to be loving and kind.” Things may not go our way consistently, Spring weather may be unreliable, but constantly You are faithful with us and within us. We are free to sing our praises to You, to reverence You, for You care for us, Your “puny” creation. We can expect You to be loving and kind. Thank You, Lord.

Love, Mara


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