Skills, patience, and pride bring smiles


March 30, 2022

Tyrell Small, Instructor Roy Case, Amanda Finley and Piper Skoyen) Instructor Roy Case is shown helping fourth and fifth graders from Meadowlark build western cedar birdhouses. Roy helps Tyrell Small as Amanda Finely and Piper Skoyen work as a team. Each student will build four birdhouses in the program, then be replaced by a new student. Roy Case volunteers as a teacher and is presently providing the supplies to the builders.

Alert readers may recall a story I did in 2017 about Roy Case's evolving Western Cedar Birdhouse business/hobby. Using scrap ends of cedar boards left over from another project he began building "duplex-style" birdhouses. That was version 1.0, to use the current style of naming evolving high tech products (Roy's birdhouses are kind of high tech). Then came version 2.0, a single occupant birdhouse that went beyond the traditional birdhouse with Roy's own unique additions-outdoor toilets, woodpiles, stove pipes and, always, the burned on outline of Montana.

Roy recently invited me to come see...

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