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William Jacob Bradley

William Jacob Bradley "Echo Rock" was born June 9, 1942 to Mabel (Mann) and George Bradley Sr. at Fort Belknap Agency.

He worked with Fort Belknap Youth Court, worked for the Robinsons, was a rancher, and was on the board of Fort Belknap Livestock Scale and the Fort Belknap Treaty Committee. William enjoyed spending time with family, his grandchildren, playing guitar, and rodeos.

There are cowboys then there are Cowboys. Willie known as grandpa, father and traditional Aaniiih man. His parents George and Mabel were both Gros Ventre. When he was young he put on many rodeos, he had an arena with bucking chutes above Running Crow, on the flats south of there. He trained horses ran cattle and was an all around hand. No fear. He himself said when he was young he was a tough "son" and he really was, they gave him a wide birth. People respected him. Once at a high school rodeo a kid got hung up and they couldn't get him loose, pickup men and a few others. Willie jumped that fence. Grabbed that horse and bit him in the ear. By god, that horse stood still. Most recently he helped bring the "horse dance" ceremony to our reservation. Times sure are different today.

He resided in Hays, MT with his two daughters and their families, where they made their homes as well; Leann (Andy) Werk, their children CJ Colty, Gracie, Nizhoni, and Aaniih, Staci (Ennis) Russell, Children William Bradley II aka "Bator" (Vicky) Walking eagle, their children Zoey, Zaydonee, Zondyn, and Zaxston, Patricia Walking Eagle, her children Kinzee and Keirsie, Barbi, Jojo, and Ethan Russell. His final resting place will be next to his wife Barbara and grandson Eyan.